Goodandslimy Art

Commission status: OPEN

Please dm me for exact pricing. Commissions have a 1-2 week turnaround time. For more information on wait time, please check my trello. If you are 18+, HERE is NSFW pricing.

Best communication for me is Telegram or twitter!

Ref sheets: $80+

Unlimited YCHs

Prices on art

Full Body: $35-45

Pricing will change depending on background

Fully Body Chibi: $15-25

Simple Stylized Headshot: $10

Headshot: $25-35

Badges: $25-45

laminated and shipped

State/country themed badges: 100$

Laminated and shipped

Telegram Stickers: $15




Custom Figures

$75-150, 3.5''hx4.5''l

Custom Felt Badges

Jumbo: $95+
Headshot: $65+

Buttons: 6 for $12 or 12 for $20

Terms Of Service

I WILL draw:
-NSFW (When open, check NSFW tab.)
-Drug use
-Simple backgrounds

I will NOT draw:
-Heavy gore
-Machinery (some is ok, dm me for more information)
-Anything from an unclear ref

All pricing is in USD. Prices does not included shipping cost for badges and buttons. I only accept payment via paypal. I allow up to 3 minor changes until additional charges apply. After sketch is agreed on I will not provide refunds. No refunds are provided for YCHs.I ask you to please credit my art in all uses. You may use my bases for personal use or adoptables, I just ask you to credit me.

Free Bases

Free to use, just credit me. Thanks!